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This is some of what Under the Morgue’s members were watching for the first time in August.  Join Under the Morgue and tell us what you’ve watched!

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The second official trailer for [REC] 4 is out!  Talk about the upcoming film at Under the Morgue!


Se7en (1995)

Join Under the Morgue in wishing David Fincher a happy birthday here.  Are you a fan of Se7en?  Tell us at Under the Morgue!


Lizzie Borden’s Revenge (2014)

This month’s obsession at Under the Morgue.  YouTube means never being the only person you know to sit through a cheesy b-movie.

Hideo Kojima! Guillermo del Toro! Norman Reedus!

Under the Morgue could not be more excited for Silent Hills.


A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)

Happy 25th Birthday, ANOES 5: Dream Child!  Talk about the movie at Under the Morgue

What horror state do you live in?  Tell us at Under the Morgue


Orphan (2009)

Happy Birthday, Vera Farmiga!

Under the Morgue is wishing Vera Farmiga a happy Birthday here!

RIP Marilyn Burns.  We’re saying our goodbyes at Under the Morgue.