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A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)

Happy 25th Birthday, ANOES 5: Dream Child!  Talk about the movie at Under the Morgue

What horror state do you live in?  Tell us at Under the Morgue


Orphan (2009)

Happy Birthday, Vera Farmiga!

Under the Morgue is wishing Vera Farmiga a happy Birthday here!

RIP Marilyn Burns.  We’re saying our goodbyes at Under the Morgue.

These are some of the movies that members of Under the Morgue rewatched in July.  What did you watch for the second (or third) time?

Do you still have leftover anger or anxiety from playing Alien: Colonial Marines?  Let it all out at Under the Morgue before Alien: Isolation is released.


In honor of Wes Craven’s birthday, I’ve made a post of photos of one of the greatest heroes of horror cinema—Beast.

Happy Birthday Wes Craven!

Join Under the Morgue in wishing Wes Craven a happy birthday here.

Agree with me that Beast was the character most deserving of a flashback here.

These are some of the films that Under the Morgue members have watched for the first time in July.  What did you watch in July?

Dick Smith, the Godfather of Makeup, passed away today at 92.  We’re paying our respects here at Under the Morgue.

At Under the Morgue, we have an entire section for discussing the Slumber Party Massacre series!